Family Medicine from a Provider Who Cares

We are a general family medicine practice in Grants Pass dedicated to providing the highest level of care for patients of all ages. We believe that you can get healthy and stay healthy when you have the right tools. As a family nurse practitioner, Judith King, FNP, makes education and wellness counseling an essential part of every visit.

A reputation for patient-centered preventive care

We encourage regular checkups to prevent illness and detect possible health conditions before they become serious. During your checkup, we provide you with the health education you need to live every day to the fullest, and enjoy optimum health and vitality. For more than five years, we have been officially recognized by the State of Oregon as a Primary Care Home for our high level of patient-centered care.


Compassionate support for managing illness

We treat patients with a range of health challenges and chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, and heart failure. We are committed to making a true difference in your life, by partnering with you in your journey to rebuild, maintain and maximize your health and well-being.

Judith has strong consulting relationships with medical specialists in the Grants Pass area and coordinates referrals when needed. When you are sick, we are there for you, following up on office visits or trips to the Emergency Room as well as discharges from the hospital. We make sure you understand your treatment directions and get the care and support you need so you can enjoy the best health outcomes. Being a Primary Care Home means we go beyond the norm in patient care.


Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CBC+) for Medicare patients

Because of our focus on providing appropriate, high quality care for our senior patients, we are also one of only a few practices in Josephine County participating in Medicare Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CBC+), the nation’s largest-ever program to improve primary care. Through CPC+, our insurers give our practice additional resources to help us better manage your care. For more information about Medicare (Part A and Part B), click here.


Easy access to your electronic medical records

Through our Patient Portal, you have easy and secure electronic access to your medical records, including office visits, hospital stays, lab tests and medications. If you do not yet have access to our patient portal, please contact our office at 541-474-5665 and we will give you complete directions on how to use your computer or smart phone to view your records.

Primary Care Home Standards for Care

Accessibility: We provide care when you need it.

Accountability: We take responsibility for providing high quality care.

Comprehensive care: You get the information and services you need to stay healthy.

Continuous care: We get to know you and your lifestyle so we can help you improve your health over time.

Coordinated care: We help you navigate the health care system so you get the best care in a safe and timely way.

Patient and family centered: We ensure every patient understands the information we provide and we draw on the strengths of you and your family to set and meet your health goals.